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Procedure: unwanted fat deposits are removed in the neck, upper back , arms , abdomen , buttocks , hips and thighs. The fat obtained can be injected into locations that need increased volume as the buttocks , chin, mouth , neck and facial wrinkles. For larger volumes of fat can be used laser -assisted liposuction or ultrasound.
Duration: between 1- 4 hours.

Anesthesia: General or local , depending on the patient.

Hospitalization: Usually is an outpatient process, however in some cases the procedures are lengthy and may require hospitalization.

Side Effects: Temporary there will be pain and bruises on the skin, swelling , numbness and burning sensation .

Recovery: Back to normal activities : 5-7 days.
Strong activities: 2-4 weeks.
Total Recovery: 1-6 months or longer.